Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet Tiny Tim and Our Staff Photographer, Miss R.

Meet Tiny Tim!

I'd also like you to meet my very smart nine year old friend, Ms. R, who has graciously offered to take pictures of Tiny Tim, the 5 other garden kitties (N'yala, The Poppit, Toothless, Boo and Scout), and the the garden as it grows.  Today, Ms. R. has agreed to a short interview about Tiny Tim, the other kitties and the garden.

Q.  Tell everyone about Tiny Tim

A.  Tiny Tim likes to play alot with me and the other cats, especially the boys, Boo and Scout.  He's a happy little cat since he's less than six months old and pretty small.  He is growing as fast as the garden!

Q.  Can we see the pictures you took of Tiny Tim and the other kitties yesterday?

A.  Sure:  here they are:

Here's Toothless on the deck.  She was a tiny kitten last year, but not now!

This is The Poppit Child.  She's going to be nine, so I'm older than she is!

Benita just started letting Tiny Tim, Boo and Scout outside.  They like playing and investigating everything!

For example, Tiny had never seen tomato cages, so he had to investigate.

Boo is checking out the porch swing.  I like to swing in it, too.

This is Scout.  He always looks a little worried, but he loves to play with the other kitties, except ...

N'yala Kate Garbo.  She is beautiful, but she definitely is not a "play girl," especially with the boys.

Q.  You're a very good photographer, Miss R.  How do you know how to take a good picture?

A.  The digital camera I use has a button that I can push so you can see what you're photographing even bigger.  It gives you a better view of what you're taking a picture of.

Q.  How hard is it to take pictures of cats?

A. I think it is kind of hard because the cats like to move around, and they don't like the flash when you take the picture.   So they can run off just when you're going to take the picture.  You have to sneak up on them.  That's why that bigger screen helps you see whether they're running away or not.  It's very easy to take pictures of them when they're asleep, like N'yala, or these pictures.
Can you tell that Scout and Boo are brothers?

The boys love to "play" with the fish (note:  the fish don't like it so much

Q.  Miss R, thank you for taking these great pictures.  I hope you'll take more pictues of the cats and the garden this year.

A.  I will take more pictues this year for you.

Q.  You are pretty wonderful and I love you!

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  1. now thats so adoralbe,funny,smart, clever and it full of love ,kittys.....o ,wow.